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At Wallace Opticians, we take pride in offering comprehensive eye tests that consider our patient as a complete human, rather than looking at the eyes in isolation. With our experienced optometrists and support staff, cutting-edge equipment, and a commitment to your eye health; we strive to provide unparalleled care. In this article, we will delve into the details of our eye test process, highlighting its significance in ensuring optimal vision and eye health.

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How do eye examinations work in Scotland?

In Scotland, the vast majority of eye examinations are free of charge provided by the NHS (National Health Service). Patients in Scotland can have a Primary Eye Examination at the following intervals:

  • Under 16 - every year
  • Between 17 and 59 years of age - every 2 years
  • Over 60 - every year
  • Patients with Diabetes - every year

These are usually routine eye tests that can be performed even without the onset of new symptoms. The purpose for this is as a Primary Care service to detect eye problems before they become a problem or cause vision issues.

It is also possible to have an eye examination outwith these intervals if recalled by an Optometrist (Optician) to monitor an eye condition or if you have new symptoms. These are called Supplementary Eye Examinations.

You may also be recommended to have an eye examination by your General Practitioner (GP) or other healthcare professional. Optometrists in Scotland are now the first port of call for eye conditions.

An NHS guide to urgent medical care
NHS advice - Right Care, Right Place

Eye Examinations for Over 60s

If you are over 60, an NHS eye examination includes a dilated examination of the insides of the eye. This means that your Optician will instil eye drops into your eyes that temporarily open up the pupil. This allows a wide view of the internal structures and gives the best chance to pick up any eye conditions.

However, it also means that you will be light sensitive and your vision is likely to be blurred for a few hours after the examination. We advise not to drive (or complete any vision critical tasks) until your vision completely returns to normal.

We advise to bring someone with you who can act as chauffeur for the day, Most patients manage well getting public transport or walking ...but it can be handy to bring a pair of sunglasses on a bright day!


If you suffer any of the following symptoms, it may be worthwhile to book an eye examination:

  • Blurred vision
  • Loss of vision
  • Headaches
  • Tired or heavy feeling eyes
  • Eye redness
  • Nippy, sandy, gritty or scratchy eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Twitching eyelids
  • Sensitivity to light (commonly sunlight or car headlights)
  • Watery eyes
  • Sticky eyes
  • Flashing lights (Photopsia)
  • Floaters
  • Double vision (Diplopia)

How long does an eye examination take?

We schedule 45 minutes for a Primary Examination and 30 minutes for a Supplementary test. This is to ensure that you do not feel rushed and we can make sure all your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

What should I bring to my eye test?

In addition to bringing yourself and your eyes, the following items will be useful to your Optometrist:

  • Your current spectacles (if any)
  • A list of your current medication
  • If you are a contact lens wearer - your lenses, case and solution. If it is your first contact lens consultation and you are an existing wearer then it can be helpful to bring opened boxes or blister packs of your current lens brand.
  • Proof of any benefits or tax credits (such as Universal Credit, Guaranteed Pension Credit, Employment Support Allowance (ESA) or Jobseekers Allowance)
  • Any correspondence received from your GP or Consultant Ophthalmologist relating to your eyes

What about Private Eye Examinations?

In Scotland, private eye examinations are only required if you have had an NHS eye examination within your recall period and don't have any new eye related symptoms. We can offer private eye examinations at Wallace Opticians if required. Details of the cost of this service are available on request.

The benefits of choosing Wallace Opticians for your Eye Test

When you select Wallace Opticians for your eye test, you gain access to a highly skilled professional that cares about your outcome. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional vision and the best eye care achievable. We will explain the condition of your eyes in easy-to-understand terms and give opportunity to ask any questions. If this seems like a good idea, please get in touch and we'll be delighted to help.

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