Discover Our Extensive Range of Frames

At Wallace Opticians, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive spectacle frame services that include individualised frame styling, precise fitting, and repairs when necessary. Showcasing over 600 frames on display at any given time, we ensure our collection includes everything from top designer brands to high-value budget-friendly options. Every pair of spectacles we offer is a perfect blend of style, comfort, and affordability.

Side view of blue tortoiseshell mulberry glasses

Our Designer Brands:

Don't forget, our extensive range also includes an array of stylish sunglasses, ensuring your eyes are protected and you look great, whatever the weather.

Value for Money:

Recognising the need for affordable, high-quality options, we also offer a diverse range of budget-friendly frames. We believe everyone should be able to own a pair of glasses that make them feel confident and don’t compromise on comfort or style. Hence, we provide economical choices that deliver exceptional value without ever compromising on quality.

Visit us at Wallace Opticians in Whitburn to explore our diverse range and enjoy our personalised frame styling and fitting service. We are here to help you find the perfect frame that matches your style, fits your budget, and enhances your vision.

A red, blue and white frame by Specs by Prue
someone having an eye test wearing trial frame for refraction
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Uncut spectacle lens for glazing into glasses
Finger holding a contact lens
A black and white icon of an Optical Coherence Tomography machine
schematic eye with eye infection showing blood vessels