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As an Independent Optician, we have access to the highest quality lenses from the entirety of the market. From the thinnest and lightest materials to the highest specification coatings. We are confident we can source a lens for you.

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Welcome to the world of superior clarity and comfort at Wallace Opticians. When it comes to eyewear, we understand that the quality of spectacle lenses is just as important, if not more so, than the frames themselves. Our commitment to providing optimal vision solutions is reflected in our extensive range of top-quality lens materials, cutting-edge lens designs, and advanced lens coatings. Every aspect of our lens offerings is meticulously selected to deliver maximum clarity, durability, and comfort

Here is a list of some of the lenses we can offer

If there's a lens that you need that isn't listed here, please be in touch. We will do our best to source any lens to fit your requirements.

*Photochromatic lenses are lenses that change colour with light intensity, usually darkening with exposure to sunlight and then fading back to clear when you are indoors. Sometimes called Photochromic, Transitions, Reactions, Sensity, Sunsensors or PhotoFusion

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